Guilderberg is a 570 year old society of distinguished individuals. In its online manifestation, it will provide a private, secure and modern podium for people of high net worth (a minimum of $4 Million) to discuss progressive ideas of arts, science, commerce, events and the future with a positive bent.

Originating in the principality of Liechtenstein, Europe; Guilderberg in its past has been the melting pot of emerging ideas and pro-active solutions for the collective betterment of mankind.

The Guilderberg Favør Circle © is a place for Guilderberg members to request a favour they might need in their life; and rest assured that fellow Guilderberg members from a diverse range of backgrounds will help them get it done. It could be the latest stock tip, a coveted job, an offspring’s admission at a prestigious private school, a stellar yacht or private jet deal or the acquisition of priceless art. Guilderberg members are the only people in the world who have the financial and social influence to help you.

The Guilderberg Vaihtoehtoisten (alternative) Government © is an ongoing round table conference of influential monarchists, libertarians and progressive civilians from the world over; to improve cooperation between countries and regions through a pro-active, non-governmental channel.

Guilderberg Dens host an assortment of discussion panels such as Yacht and Aircraft Deals, Art Deals, Antiquities, Real Estate Deals, Exclusive Events, Eyes Only Business Offers, Emerging Technologies etc. This is the place to contribute, discuss and invest in making the future happen. Such ground breaking ideas as Green Tech, Machine Vision, Screenless Displays and the Nikola Tesla inspired WiTricity will vie for attention from Guilderberg members – who represent European, Middle Eastern & Asian royal families, CEO’s and founders of the world’s leading corporations, academics from the world’s best universities, artists from music, film and digital media, scientific visionaries, money market insiders, venture capitalists, real estate moguls, successful entrepreneurs, bankers and influential journalists